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About Us

Nevada Soy Products is a family-owned and operated toll-processing business with 17 years of service in the organic feed industry.

Founded in 1999 by Mary Jo Rablin, Nevada Soy Products has continued to grow and expand on agricultural feed capabilities. Current production capabilities include extrusion, expelling, oil extraction on the following commodities: Soybeans, Canola, Camelina, prune pits, and corn. Additionally, Nevada Soy Products 17 meal extruders and 16 oil presses can produce 12 tons an hour of raw product - new expansion capabilities will include Non-GMO processing. Our storage capacity can hold 1200 tons of raw material, 450 tons of finished product, and 55000 gallons of crude oil.

Our Values

MISSION: Prepared to provide you with a source for your organicly grown livestock feed and accommodate many oil processing needs, keeping organic options readily available.

VISION: Upholding full California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) standards compliance while maintaining our commitment to customer needs.


What we offer


  • 450 tons of finished product
  • 1200 tons of raw product
  • 55,000 gallons of raw oils


  • Facility operates 17 meal extruders and 16 oil presses
  • Process Soybeans, Canola, Prune Pits, Camelina, Corn
  • Capable of processing 12 tons an hour


  • On-site 10 car rail spur with an adjoining 50 car rail spur access
  • State of Nevada certified 70 ft 120,000 lbs truck scale on-site
  • 10 acre processing facility with easy on/off access to I-80



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Lovelock, NV

+ 1 (916) 803 - 1184

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